It is a good thing knowing you are in a relationship and knowing you are not alone. Nobody wants to be alone. I don’t want to be alone, I don’t want to be lonely and I don’t want to be in a relationship and be alone. Most people are lonely in their relationships and they don’t know it, they don’t realise it. The presence of social media has made it more complicated. If social media is taken away from your relationship and there’s no one to tag you as ‘GOALS’ will you survive? If family and friends are taken away from the equation, will you survive? When Debo broke my heart, he taught me a lot of things. When he came back begging: did I forgive him? Eventually. Did I lay curses? No. But did I hope that he got what he deserved? Of course, yes I did. He was the first man I ever loved. The first man to break my heart…he just left it hanging


The death of …

No need to weep

The death of …

Worry or not

The death of …has come

Silent strength

Yet the death of weakens

No need to weep

The death of …


P.s…so excited about my new book


“Shut up” she screamed into the darkness.

The devil laughed. She kept screaming. She knew he would come for her. She had known this from the first day she felt his lips.

She was immobile and shocked.

“Oh my God! Someone is kissing me” She thought..frantically she started singing her favourite song in her head while the kisser feasted upon her like she was his last supper.

From then on, she learnt the hard way that the body is the tool to get men and women alike.
So she struck a deal with her soul.

“I won’t let anyone touch you. They can nibble, bite, suck or whatever on my flesh. But you dearest soul shall remain pure” she promised.

“So you think because your soul is pure that you are untouchable. You have become a target from the day you let your lips touch mine.”He mocked her to scorn.

She stubbornly chose to remain unconscious, she knew her waking up would literally awaken the devil himself. 

“Sleep all you want but when you awaken. I will be here.” The devil mocked.

“Shut up!” She screamed into the darkness again



Hi everyone,

So the last eight months have been a bit of a struggle. I have lost a couple of deals and I am part of a production that I should never have taken on if I had listened to the people in my life.
Needless to say, I have been making a couple of mistakes. However in between all of those, I have found time to still be a blessing to people I love and strangers.
Sometimes life continually throws you lemons. At a point, you get tired of making lemonades so you just store the lemons.

This is where the strong POWER of SELF comes to play. You begin to discover yourself through the tests and trials. You discover God and you start to recognise that the devil is relentless.

No matter how tough it gets you must learn to discover the POWER of SELF.

Find yourself and then find God.

Stick with him.

Exercise daily.

Eat fruits.
And every once in a while, empty the lemons in God’s dustbin.







Remember the power of SELF is the weapon you have.


The children are crying

Can’t you hear them?

They are wailing

They won’t stop

Like an ATM

They are ready to let out the sting of forced entry..

Can’t you hear?

You back eyed baboon

That stays in the thickness of lies

The children are crying

They won’t stop…



I can love you a thousand times

I can love you never

Loving you is like remembering to eat

It’s easier than breathing
I can fall for you

I can hold you close

I can be everything just to make you smile

I can be your clown

Please laugh
I can

I have

If Cupid gives a chance

I will again

But the thing is

Never have you.

Sadly never have you tried.

I hate love…