It is stuck in my throat
The chuckle that tickles everytime
When you stab and I see
When you talk and I hear
I cover it up with laughter
I don’t see any other way to show you I am strong
Except to ridicule you with my laughter
Don’t be fooled
I laugh because pain and I are enemies
I laugh because it is either that or I grin
I am ridiculing you with my laughter
Yes you…the one who knows me well enough to kill
The one I have never seen yet monitors me
The one who has touched my bosom without seeing me
I ridicule you with my laughter
I know you heard me howl
But it wasn’t for you
It was for HIM
Who sees me walling my soul with laughter
So, I am waiting for you again
As usual I will ridicule you with my laughter
Even when it hurts
I will laugh with tears in my eyes
I will never stop ridiculing you with laughter
I hope you hear it now
My laughter ridiculing you…
It never stops
Until you do…

Mylipsrsealed…I am still laughing!



Hi everyone,

So, I go to visit a friend last week, and it turns out, he is in a new relationship. His story inspires me to write this letter.
What I have done with this letter, is to imagine what my friend would like to say to his future father in-law…I had so much fun giving life to these thoughts. I hope you love reading them too…


Dear Sir,
I am not sure if I should call you daddy since I am not married to your daughter yet. I would address you as sir till…gawd knows.
Sir, I know you have been searching for me. I am sure you know I have been avoiding you too. Your daughter tells me how ‘kind’ you are to all the men that have ever dated her. Well, as much as I love an act of kindness, I think it would be best if you extend the kindness through your daughter to me.
However, I think you need to know that meeting your daughter was a complete accident.
Sir, you see, that day, I was on my way to Halima’s house. By the way, Halima is the girl I dated before your daughter, to be honest, we were more like friends with benefits. I know this doesn’t help my reputation with you but I just wanted to be open with you sir. Since, your daughter has been very open to me…no pun intended.

So. I am on my way out when Deji, my friend pays me an unplanned visit. He invites me to chill with him, and the girl he likes who lives on the street opposite mine. I agree, and it turns out your daugther is my next door neighbour…
Sir, I did not realise you were the man that everyone called ‘the dictator.’ How come you never let your daughters out? They are so wonderfully made yet you hide them. Well, as your future son in-law, I plan to parade your daughter everywhere. My friends must get ‘lust’ just looking at her. Anyway, so Deji takes me to the next street, and an angel opens the gate.
The rest is history because I never looked back since then, so, unless you plan to take oxygen away from me, I am not leaving your daughter.
I am not sure I will end up marrying her because I am not God. However, I hope we spend the rest our lives together. I am in love with your daughter, and I am willing to be friends with you sir.

I usually drink beer at the sports bar down the street on thursdays. Your daughter says you don’t drink but I know better. I am asking you out on a date sir. Would you drink with me next week thursday? I would have invited you this week but I am taking your daughter instead. I am trying to teach her the difference between “small stout” and “big stout.” It is a tutorial she must attend with me, so our relationship can flourish.

Sir, I hope you will be available next week?
I am awaiting your response. If you will be available, please leave a cap at the gate of my house. If you won’t be available, please leave a cutlass at your gate.
Thank you for reading.
Yours sincerely,
Your future son
in-law? aka
the boy you want to

Small stout- beer
Big stout- beer


Hi all,

I am a weird person…I know, I don’t celebrate holidays on the actual holiday date, I don’t believe valentine is about sleeping with all the available people. I definitely will not hug you because you bought me a pair of Christian Louboutin…a simple thank you should do…

So, I know I am weird. In this weird spirit that I am always in, I have decided to highlight a certain topic…there is a day for this topic everywhere in the world. However, I don’t think celebration is for a single day…it is everyday.

For example, On my birthday, some friends did not give birthday presents, and they thought I would fume and beef them…no…I simply informed them that they could give me another day. Some took the hint, and gave me my presents two days later. Others thought they were smart and they skillfully avoided me, hoping I would forget…hmmm…I remember o!

So, this poem is for all the weirdos like me that have something to celebrate everyday…


I felt your eyes
I felt your breathe
I heard your fear
I saw your faithful doubt
Oh you bearer of seeds
I saw it all
The pain
The joy
The relief
The anger
While you sat and watched

The voice shook
Yet remained strong
The hands trembled
Yet remained steady
The eyes watered
Yet it stayed clear
Oh you bearer of seeds
I saw it all
The pain
The joy
The relief
The anger
While you sat and watched

Oh now…don’t be scared
I saw your weakness
And it warmed my heart
I know you love
Yet I fail to see
So you bearer of seeds
Don’t be scared
You slept and prayed
While I snored away
Oh you bearer of seeds
I saw it all
The pain
The joy
The relief
The anger
While you sat and watched

My lips are sealed
Yet they move in gratitude
To HIM who shielded
To you who fed
To them who cared
To those who laughed
To all who watched
Oh you bearer of seeds
I saw it all
The pain
The joy
The relief
The anger
While you sat and watched

Oh you bearer of seeds
I saw it all
The pain
The joy
The relief
The anger
While you sat and watched
And for this
I thank you….

Mylipsrsealed…as always

P.S. To the one I celebrate right now…


Hi everyone,

Woke up to this from a friend…

Don’t be surprised you’re getting this mail. I also cringed at the idea of sending you same mail. But why?
This meditation came, just as am in the toilet; remember Achimedes, that great scientist was in the bath tub when the principle of floatation came to his mind, Newton was under a tree when gravity was unraveled to him. Now am in the toilet. I have even forgotten myself here. Thinking and typing on my bb.
What about OUR nakedness? Oh i mean no weird tingy, peeps could always misunderstand you, just like they do to Rihanna. Rihanna – showing her nakedness all over the places, a ritual of unraveling one’s vulnerability in the face of haters to free one’s soul from all burden of depression(who’s the hater? Chris Brown?). Rihanna got it…whether right or wrong!
There’s something about personal branding – it’s just your nakedness. You are just exposing either strength of yours or your weaknesses. The challenge is not crafting or living the brand – it is living with the brand. How well Rihanna will sustain her poise, swag and weird exposure (after her heart-break) is gonna determine the success of her personality branding. Imagine if Charly Boy, after some criticism, ran back to home town and came out dressing in French suit with bow tie…. Imagine if Denrele has succumbed to pressure from colleagues and teachers at Unilag and shave his hair…
How does personal branding mean your nakedness? Obama has always turned over his sleeves, even as he addresses the nation. This is symbolic of Obama’s dream – a world where not only America is free but all peoples of the world are free. Obama’s got swag, yea! Swag is symbolic of freedom – of mind, of spirit. I don’t expect such president to detest gay or abortion. Freedom is liberal and that’s Obama. He must live up to the folded sleeves!
When you show me your nakedness, I see you beyond all other covering, I see the real you. When you put up a personality brand, I believe I see the real you. Remember your personality and the hook of that personality is iconic of a message – you must live up to it. A brand is a promise. In the face of criticism or any other challenge, your personality must be your personality. Have not said it isn’t ok to change for better – but there is some stuff that should be consistent about you.
Is personality brand real or fake…hmmm. Really, it’s a conscious effort, calculated attempts at creating specific perception. A chic I met at Grandeur recently was sashaying intentionally – oh that day! Same way any chic would chuckle like a girl anyday. Just mentioning these as illustrations; personality brand is more than just an attention-caller attitude or swag…hian!
So, should all of us go naked? Yes! Better we let people know who we are. Better we carve out a brand for our personality. That way we can create impression needed, we can make more impacts without going a mile more.
These days am cautious of anything branding; perhaps I understand I have to sell myself to prospects first before selling my wares. Now, I am going naked! By the time I was done in the toilet I had resolved to start using my name in full. I am Olufemi – not Femi. I will insist you call me Olufemi. Thanks for reading.
Olufemi Babalogbon