She was day dreaming again. In her dreams she saw the tall,dark, and handsome knight storm into her room with flowers, wine and an escape route from her hell hole.

‘Ifetomi, your valentine’s gift has arrived o!’ A voice called out to her
She thought she was dreaming so she did not answer.
“Ifetomi where are you?!” The voice called her again, impatiently.
Now, she was sure it was her name. She recognised the voice. It was Adunni, her beat friend of three years. She jumped out of her bed excitedly. This was the first time she was getting a gift on valentine’s day. The only person who gave her gifts on valentine was her mother.
Every valentine she would pretend that the gifts her mother sent her were from Tayo, her crush. She would imagine Tayo holding her hands and singing her favourite soap opera’s theme song ‘Passion for life.’ Then he would give her the wonderful gifts he got and peck her. She wasn’t sure she would want to kiss him since she didn’t know if he brushed his teeth well enough. They looked clean but would his saliva be as clean?
“Ifetomi, where are you hiding?!” Adunni voice broke through her thoughts.
She could tell her friend was getting angry so she put her day dreaming on hold to be continued later. “Adunni gets angry too much sef” she thought as she ran out of her room and headed towards the direction the voice was coming from.
“I am coming!” She replied
“Alright, come straight to class, your gift awaits you.” Adunni shouted back at her.
“Ok. Wait for me.”
“I can’t. I have other messages to deliver!”
“Who sent the gift.”
“I don’t know. When you get to class, you will see. Byeeee.”
She hurried to class. As she ran towards her class direction. She thought to herself. “Who sent me Valentine’s gift? Maybe it is Ibukun, he saw me smiling at him yesterday, so a smile is all I need to get Valentine’s gift now? I would smile more. I know it can’t be Tayo. He sent a gift to his girlfriend yesterday, and she made sure everyone knew, she went about screaming like a mad person, hugging everybody, because she got valentine gift! Aha! Maybe it is Uche. He is the only friend I have that knows I love gifts.”
All these thoughts ran through her head as she approached her class.

She entered the class wearing a big idiotic smile on her face. She rushed to her desk and started to open the bag placed on it. She was too excited to notice no one said anything to her in class. Everywhere was silent. Her classmates were all staring at their books. Finally she opened the bag and she saw a bottle of wine with an odour that suggested that the liquid was urine, a pack of cheap lollipop,and used lingerie. She closed it immediately and looked up hoping no one saw her stricken expression. Luck was not kind to her. All eyes were glued to her.
As if there was a timer, a heartbeat later, they all burst into laughter. Their laughter threw daggers at her heart. She cried out, desperate to block out their laughter.

It was the sound of her cry that woke her from sleep. She realised it was all a dream.
She heaved a sigh of relief, and was about to go back to sleep when she heard Adunni calling her.

“Ifetomi, your valentine gift has arrived o.”
“Oh no! Please let it not be me.” She prayed.
“Ifetomi where are you?.” Adunni screamed again.

She knew it was her name Adunni called, and at that moment, she wanted nothing more than to be invisible…


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An article I wrote for a publishing company online…


Ladies, there is no need to lie, and avoid that guy anymore. You can save your energy for other issues. Here are some tips to losing that parasite or stalker who is obsessed with you. Once you faithfully practise them, I assure you, he will be the one avoiding you.

*Whenever he asks to see you, dig out the worse looking pair of jeans and top you have, spice it up with the scarf your mum wore when she was younger. Ensure you carry a clutch purse so that you can place it in between your armpit and arm. Hold the clutch tightly, you will give an impression that he will hope to forget!

*Nothing turns a man off like bad odour. So, before you see him, go to the market and buy fish, preferably one with lots of scales. Please change your clothes but do not shower. I assure you, that will be the last time he will be asking for a hug.

*Make loud unnecessary noise in quiet places. Be loud, sassy and foul mouthed. Curse every living thing that walks by and criticise his lifestyle. If he doesn’t lose the feelings, make sure you practise this next tip

*Ask him for large sums of money randomly, and ensure you always remind him about taking you and your friends out.
Flash him always and ask for credit.

*Pick a friend of his and tell him you have a crush on that friend. That will make him rethink his opinion of you. Pay attention to his friend and laugh at everything he says.

*Put the icing on the cake by informing him about your family history. Please insert in your sentences, how all your sisters gained lots of weight after their first year in marriage.

There are other tips but these tips listed above are the most effective.
After practising all these tips, and the guy is still love struck…run for your life!



Hi everyone,

So, when I am not blogging here. Catch me at information Nigeria!!! Exciting isn’t it? Writing is such a therapeutic process!!!


That was the fourth time in three days he was stealing buns from Mama Sikira’s frying pan. Usually, he would pick two but that day he had not taken breakfast so he stole five instead. He stuck two into his pocket, wiped his mouth with his oily hand leaving traces of his crime around his lips, and headed to school.

He was not a student. However, he would hide behind the windows and recite whatever the teachers taught the students. Every year, he did this and he also promoted himself. Each year he knew that his ‘class mates’ moved from one class to the other. So, he would move from one window to the other until he saw familiar faces. This year he was in primary three. He knew this because the maths teacher always screamed ‘you useless primary three students!’ whenever they missed a question.

The school looked like a house divided into different rooms. It had no gates. It was surrounded by dead looking trees. The teachers were frustrated graduates that came to work to earn enough money to live for the next day. The only reason no one had ever caught him these past years was because no one cared. People who saw him hanging around the school thought he was the food seller’s son.

He liked listening to the teachers talk. They all sounded the same. Bored and angry. However, he liked the knowledge they shared reluctantly with the students. He wondered why the teachers were so mean and the students, slow.

The other time, the elementary science teacher asked the bald headed boy that sat at the extreme end of the class.
‘You! What is photo synthesis?’
‘I don’t know sir.’ The boy replied.
‘You will never know it in your life! Idiot.’ The teacher cursed at the boy.
‘I reject it o.’
‘Sit down my friend! See your head, big, bald, and empty. Sit!’

While the teacher was screaming, he was tempted to pop his head through the window and give the answer.
‘These students are so dumb. I can’t wait to graduate.’ He thought.

He had one more class so he brought out the remaining buns to eat. The English teacher came into class, and he quickly put away the buns as if the teacher could see him eating behind the windows.
The teacher gave the students a test. Although he couldn’t write the questions. He knew the answers.
As the teacher proceeded to grade the tests, he made a mental note to buy himself a note book or steal one.

‘At least I would be able to write my answers and grade myself.’ He thought.

Almost immediately, the senior prefect came out, and screamed
‘School is over. Oya everybody go your house! Teachers get serious meeting!’

He sprinted excitedly down the street, heading towards Ikechukwu’s shop. They had an operation in the evening. Ikechukwu promised to take him along. He knew he would finally get to use his gun…


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Take a moment to breathe
Just a moment
Soon, the race begins again
The hunger for mammon
The need to be recognised
The extreme want of light…camera…strike a pose!
The piercing lustful looks from them
Take a moment to breathe
The race begins soon

Take a minute
You look tired
Yet you have barely begun
The meetings
The negotiations
The dinners
The people…
Take a minute
You look tired

Take an hour to gather yourself
Your actions are slow.
The crowd is waiting to cheer you.
The words you speak is their daily bread
So speak right
Hurry up!
Take an hour to gather yourself
Your actions are slow

Take a day not to think
You look like your shadow
Leave them at home
They can take care of themselves
Go shopping
Hike a little
Kiss that stranger
Run wild yet contain yourself
Take a day not to think
You look like your shadow

Take a moment
Take a minute
A second even
An hour if you like
Take a day…
Whatever you do
Live a little before you lose yourself again
Take what you can…


P.S. To those who have forgotten to take a moment…

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Hello everyone,

I was sitting in my passage when I decided to write this…



She knew he was there even before he spoke. She could feel the goose bumps growing on her skin. The air caught in her chest. Who was this stranger that had such an effect on her? He didn’t move any step nearer to her yet she could feel his minted breath on her neck.
The last time she felt this way was with Segun. Sweet memories flooded back as she tried to analyse her unwanted feelings to the faceless stranger.
Segun was her brother’s friend. She had always had a crush on him but she never said anything. She knew her brother would kill her if she did, so she kept her feelings locked up until…
That day started like every other day but it ended differently. She went to Segun’s house to wait for her brother after her sewing lessons. She sat outside on the balcony as usual.

‘Come in’ Segun’s baritone voice softly commanded
‘I am fine here. Thank you’ she replied
‘Oh…don’t be silly, you always sit outside like you are some unwanted visitor, I have called your brother. He is on his way.’Segun gently persuaded her.
‘I am fine.’ She retorted. Her heart beating very fast.
‘Ok…then I will come sit with you’
‘You don’t have to’
‘I want to’
He drew a chair and sat near her. She could feel his eyes on her yet she refused to look at him.
‘You…’ Segun started
‘ I have a boyfriend!!! Leave me alone’ she screamed at him.
She expected him to laugh or get angry at her sudden outburst. He took her shaking right hand, gently tugged at her to face him, and he smiled.

‘I have a girlfriend too but I love you and I would leave her for you this moment.’
‘You will? Why?’ Her voice did not sound like her.
‘I love you.’ He replied and then he drew her closer. She thought he was going to kiss her so she puckered her lips, and prayed he did not taste the moin-moin she just ate. He hugged her instead and called her name severally, almost as if she was a lifeline.
‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ He asked after drawing away from her.
‘Yes’ she replied without thinking
‘I love you.’
‘I love you too.’
After that day, all she knew and thought about was Segun. She floated through the day till she was with him. Her brother did not suspect a thing. Everything was peachy.

He made her a woman on her nineteenth birthday. He did not want to but she begged him. How could he have refused her? She looked at him with her brown eyes and tiny lips begging to be kissed, and he lost his self-control. She thought the experience would be painful but it was beautiful. At the last moment before she let herself go over the edge, she saw tears in his eyes.
She loved him and he loved her. Their relationship continued until Segun joined the army. He left with promises to write. He wrote to her everyday.

One day, he stopped writing. She wrote several letters to him. She made phone calls. She thought he was angry. After bugging the army officer she knew was his friend. He finally told her.
Segun died on the battlefield.

Bitter memories flooded in as she stood on the patio remembering, Segun died fighting for Nigeria, a country that did not deserve the honour. They buried him like a commoner. Her Segun was thrown into the sea like a dog! She remembered watching it on television. The president managed to look remorseful. He chanted some words of sorrow. All she wanted to do was claw him. She wanted to add to the several tribal marks on his face. She wanted to scream, cry, and be silent all at once.
It was that day she promised never to feel that way about any man again. She knew she would not survive it a second time. She swore never to let any man have power over her till tonight when she felt those familiar feelings creeping up.

‘Who is this man?’ She thought angrily
Defiant, and determined, she faced the stranger as if to confront him for her unresolved feelings.
She turned to the stranger and nearly fainted…


Moin-moin: Nigerian food made with beans.

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Hi friends,

Please read and enjoy…


Can’t you hear them?
The walls are plotting their next move
A move that will see the light of day in 3 years
The walls are mourning
For the next funerals of the yet bombed souls

Keep quiet….the walls are screaming
Arguing on the mantle of leadership
The old walls that refuse to die want the mantle
The young walls that are blinded by greed want the mantle
The fight has begun…
The walls are throwing chairs…

Hide…the walls are at it again
Destroying one another
Looking for the next prey to devour
Pray to your GOD
The walls are hunting
Pray harder
Ring your bells
Grab your mats
Rain your fire on them
So the walls can fall and die
As you pray for the walls
Pray that it is not your last prayer

Stand still!..the walls are moving
Become a chameleon so you are invisible!
Take your life
So the walls don’t take it
Lay on the floor
Yes…that floor…quick!!
The walls will not notice
They never look down
Why else do you think the poor are still beneath them?
Wait…a wall is coming!
I must lay down…
Phew…that was close
A wall almost crushed me!

Close your eyes…the walls are doing it again…
Mating without boundaries
Anyone is there
Even the dog that does not bark
See no evil
So close your eyes…

Silence…the walls are talking!!!


To the walls that refuse to crack..

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Hi everyone,

I was in a cab when I got the inspiration to write this…enjoy!!!


I know you hear it
The way he pumps her at night
And marks her ruthlessly in the day
I know you see it
The emblem he never forgets to leave on her
I know you know it…the truth behind your window

I know you are a witness
As he pockets the 600, 000 dollars in his agbada
I know you hear it
The plans to expose the man
I know you feel it
The danger looming…
I know you know it…the truth behind your window

I know you see him run
Everytime the house owner comes
I know he hides under your bed
Whenever dues are to be collected
I know you know it..the truth behind your window

I know you can change the luck
Yet you watch it spread its bad wings
Across a nation
I know you see people dying
Yet you feed on your wife’s oily chicken
I know you know it…the truth behind your window

I know you can hear it
The scream for help
And the final gunshot
I know you hear the silence after they leave
I know you know it..the truth behind your window

I know you see her mark the wall with her spit
A seed produced by her brother
I know you know the father
The one that resembles the mother
I know you know it…the truth behind your window

I know you know better
The one who deserves the role
Yet you give him
Who gives you unspoken pleasures
I know you like it
The sweet lie served on a broken plate
I know you know it…The truth behind your window

I know you know you should put a ring
To seal the deal
I know you see she ages
Yet you keep her without keeping her
I know you know it..the truth behind your window…

I know I should seal my lips
Lest someone else does it for me
Yet the truth stares at me
I know I know it..the truth behind my window


I DARE YOU to face the truth…