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I have seen too much
I can’t pretend not to know
I saw the man
I saw the other person
Then I saw them together
I should have closed my eyes
Or at least the other eye…

I know too much about you
I know you turn when you doze
I know you scratch when no one looks
I know you were there the other night
I know you took that shot
I should have closed my eyes
Or at least the other eye…

The other day I saw two friends
Struggle over a piece of flesh
They drew blood
For the blood of another
I saw them hug
I saw them stab
I should have closed my eyes
Or at least the other eye…

Two moons ago
I heard a scream
So piercing…
The scream did not signify…
Or pretence
It was a cry to disturb other cries
I looked and saw
I should have closed my eyes
Or at least the other eye

I saw water
Then I saw thirst
I saw food
Then I saw hunger
They fought a battle
No one survived
I should have closed my eyes
Or at least the other eye

I really should learn to close my eyes
Or at least the other eye…
Don’t throw stones at a glass house
Isn’t that what they say?
I saw him throw two stones at a glass house..
Love your neighbour or at least try
Isn’t that what they say?
I saw them bury a neighbour..with their lips…
I should have closed my eyes
Or at least the other eye


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Hi everyone,

I am so excited to help publicise this show.


Ife runway fashion show

The ife runway fashion show is an annual event organized by blacknbold fashion house; a student body involved in showcasing and promoting student entrepreneurship in areas such as: modelling, designing, make-up, accessories and other creative crafts. It also organizes seminars, workshops all in a bid to encourage students.
Last year, blacknbold organized the first major fashion show at the Obafemi Awolowo University. It was tagged ‘the ife runway fashion show’ . It held on the 15th october, 2011 at the architechtural studio, ile-ife.
The show saw to the exhibition of almost 12 designers whose array of collection ranged from cloth designing, shoes, make-up, hair and accessories. The show was a massive success as over 300 people showed up at the event.
This year’s show is slated for september and it is to hold at Ogunbanjo hall, staff quarters, OAU campus, ile-ife.
The IRFS will be partnering with legendary
Gold limited; the organizers of Nigeria fashion show and in turn three top designers from the IRFS will be chosen to participate at the grand finale of their show in Lagos at a subsidized rate. Three top models would also be chosen to model at their fashion show.
This year promises a bigger package as over 15 designers from across Nigerian universities would be participating. OAU alumnus who have carved a niche in the industry would also be invited to showcase their A’list designs. Top Naija acts are also going to be jamming up the event with their ever-rocking tunes. Student fashionistaz would be well to glam up the red carpet with their unique and tasteful sense of style.
With excite ontv on the red carpet, acada magazine as the official print media, one can only expect a fab event. In addition, London tv will be giving a full coverage of the show. Commercials are also to run from August- September on different local stations like Stv and Ait.
Promising to give you a fabulous event, the ife runway fashion show is the event you don’t want to miss this year.
For sponsorship, enquiries and participation, call; Tunrayo: 08137636114, pin- 208A03E4 or Biola on 07031607412, pin-21C99C3A.

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