“Close your eyes, count to ten, then open them.” They instructed her.
She obeyed.

“One…two..three…ten, OPEN! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”
She opened her eyes and she wished she could close them forever…

It had to be a ghost, otherwise she needed to visit her optician soon. Ewa knew she was seeing a ghost, a ghost that she would rather it stayed dead. She could not understand why everyone was cheering around her. They were supposed to be silent and hope that the silence drives the ghost away.
The ghost walked towards her and stopped right in front of her. They were the same height so they looked like slightly fitted puzzle pieces. She was numb from head to toe. The ghost smiled. The smile danced around the ghost’s lips, as if there was a private joke between the ghost and Ewa.
The ghost leaned towards her, touched her nose and in a very calm voice asked

“Missed me?”

Ewa smiled back, perhaps out of fear more than confidence.

“Like a toothache.” Ewa replied

Her reply prompted the ghost to smile, a different kind of smile that caused a wicked glint in its eyes.

“Your hand is holding the flute too tight, that woman you were chatting with earlier might grow suspicious…” The ghost advised.

“…Frankly you look a bit pale and your smile looks fake.” The ghost continued.

She was about to reply when her boss cut into the conversation

“Ewa how come you never told us you had a twin?” The boss asked

“She never told me she worked with such nice people either.” The ghost replied.

“Well, it is a pleasure to meet you, please free to stop over anytime you are in town.” The boss offered

“Thank you Sir, I plan to hold you to your offer.” Ewa’s twin replied.

It was at that point that Ewa knew that was the worst birthday present she had ever received.


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Hi everyone,

Wow…I don’t think I have been this excited to share a post like this one in a long time.
So, I have this thing with heartburn…it just loves me…I can’t stand it.

Over the years, I have battled with it. A tough, hard and painful battle…believe me. At a point, I dreaded eating. I also feared hunger…both states made me extremely anxious.
The heartburns were so painful, I was sure the terrestrial powers of my village had a hand in it…lol.

Four days ago, the heartburn struck again while I was shoe shopping with my sister. I became so agitated that I think I was a bit aggressive to the people that sold shoes to us.
My sister, being the angel, noticed and she tried to calm me down. I felt like fainting in the market!
Eventually we got home and I started to feel slightly better.

However, the pains started again later that night. It was at that point my mum said
“Try steaming your nose, you will feel better.”

I reluctantly did it, and the most miraculous thing happened. I started to release the gas while steaming (I know…its a bit gross)

So, you have got to try it! If you have heartburns regularly…remember to STEAM it away. It is such a beautiful and therapeutic process…a bit gross..I know but it does the magic.

Most of us already know how to steam but for some of us who don’t, here is the process

1- Get a bucket with a towel that can cover the bucket.
2- Boil water (ensure it boils well)
3- Pour the hot water into the bucket and cover it with the towel.
4- Use the towel to cover your face while you inhale the steam from the bucket. (Make sure your face is not too close to the water, however make sure you inhale the steam without letting it escape)

Don’t thank me…just steam that heartburn away.

Have a wonderful 2013…


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