Hi guys,

I know I have been off the radar, blame it on writer’s block…I think. I am happy to be back. It took me a few days to write this story, not because it was complex. I just couldn’t write!

Finally, I started to write an hour ago.
I hope you have fun reading…forgive me if there are an typos. English isn’t my first language…lol

This is a true story….in my head at least…


He stood outside his house and he observed the traffic. He wasn’t really looking at anything , he just needed an excuse to step out of the house. He needed to escape the reality that came in the shape of his mother-in-law. So, he told the woman he married that he was going to get some credit for his phone.
‘When are you coming back?!” the mother-in-law barked at him.
“When hell freezes” he thought instead he said “Soon ma.”

He walked towards the kiosk down the street; he took baby steps as if that would make his mother-in-law disappear before he got home. As he walked on, he began to reflect on his marriage.

Things weren’t bad when he took the plunge and married his wife. They were happy and in love. He would cook, she would clean. She would wash and he would dry the clothes. They were cute together. Their neighbours were green with envy when they moved into the neighbourhood after their nuptials. They were the ‘it’ couple of the entire street. As he walked back from the kiosk after buying nothing, he started to wonder when the problems began and the marriage began to crumble. It really did not start at a point.

Anyone could see that they wouldn’t last except the couple themselves. They were too happy and they wanted the world to reflect their happiness. So, they displayed their love anywhere and everywhere. Soon, the families began to wonder and they suspected the partners had used JUJU on each another.

The families started to intervene in their marriage, and both of them became distrustful of each other’s actions. So, it became that she started to cook alone while he watched T.V, he started shaving himself again, and they slept together only when necessary. The marriage became a burden that they were too scared to offload. They started to seek comfort outside their marriage. The wife leaned towards her mother, the husband turned to his friends and six bottles of beer every Friday night.

A marriage that started out as a dream come true became a nightmare unveiled.

He got into his house, walked to his room and he shot himself with the rifle his wife gave him as a gift on their fifth anniversary.


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The brother…
The sister…
The ‘birther’…
The illegal father…
The silent traveller…
The conscious friend
The loud liar.

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