How much do you see?
Is it obvious that I wear my ego as a suit?
Mirror…mirror on the wall
Can you see my wicked smile?
Behind the silent grin?

Do you see the desperation under the make-up?
Is it obvious that I try too hard?
Even when I smile?
Mirror…mirror on the wall
Can anyone tell that I slept with the dwarf in my mother’s kitchen?
Can they smell his seed on me?

Can you see the pregnant wallet?
The empty words?
Move over mirror…
Let me see my supple back
Mirror…mirror on the wall
Who is the yanshiest of them all?


P.S. Two Guns is a great movie!

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She knew she was going for another audition the next day so she picked herself up from the bed and moved to dust the day’s disappointment from her jeans.

“You have to come for this audition, the director is not nigerian so there might actually be an opportunity for us.” Her friend told her the night before while they spoke on the phone.

“Are you sure? I have only one thousand naira left in my account. I can’t afford to be frivolous.” She asked her friend.

“Hian, trust me now. I read about the director online.” Her friend assured her.

“Ok, please send me the address then.” She said.

“Alright. See you tomorrow.” The friend said, and ended the call.

She knew she should have listened to her guts, and stayed in her house. However, she decided against her hunch, and attended the audition.
The director really looked like a fair person but she knew the moment she stepped into the room that the odds were not against her , they just weren’t in her favour.

She read the lines, became the character and tried to avoid ‘acting’.
However, she wasn’t given the role. She knew it when she saw the face of the director. He liked what he saw but he had seen others before her. She took a bow and left.

Trudging and looking forlorn, she walked to the bus stop and picked the next bus. She was oblivious to the. noise that the conductor made, she didn’t see the mad man that winked at her. All she thought about was the next time she would eat a normal meal. Her money had finished.

So, when she got home and realised she had to attend another audition, she almost died but she got up and prepped herself anyway.

Maybe it was the way she prepared herself or the manner she prayed to God. The next day, she got the role that introduced her to the limelight.


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