Hi everyone,

Its been a while…right? Don’t blame me o. Blame life and LAGOS. Wow, I have missed writing. Most importantly, I have missed you all…so much.

Hmmm, when I decided to start blogging again, I thought to myself…”Dami what should you write on or who should you write about?”

I thought very hard and long, (a trait I think our president needs to borrow from me). I finally came up with an answer. I decided to write about a young musician/saxophonist named DOYIN SAX who I had seen perform a couple of times.

“Why him?” You would ask.

“He inspires me. He is young, talented and on the rise. ” I would answer.

So my team and I are featuring DOYIN SAX as our celebrity of the month. I called him and we talked for a while. Don’t worry, I am sharing the gist with you. Just read the interview below and you will have an idea of what we discussed.

I believe the entertainment industry is due for some fresh talent that can actually make good music (no subs intended…lol). I recommend DOYIN SAX. When you see him perform, you would too.

My team and I attended one of his shows and we did a little photo shoot. Thank you Doyin Sax for giving me time and for the improptu photo shoot…YOU ROCK!

‘…What Doyin Sax Is Wearing In May

Hi Doyin, How did you put this ensemble together? 
It is my policy to dress in same costume (Aso – Ebi) with my clients. Also, because I am a lover of native wears, upon this occasion, I thought it dignifying to dress unique, different and outstanding. #kojubelo
IMG_20140412_163756 IMG_20140503_151600IMG_20140503_164054 IMG_20140503_164405 IMG_20140503_173156 .
What is the fashion accessory you would not be caught wearing?
Raggy jean.
Did you always know that music would be your first love?
Yes. I had always loved to make music. 
Do you remember the first time you carried a saxophone?
Hmmn. (sigh). Yes I do. It was in my secondary school. My music teacher’s saxophone.
What other instruments do you play?
I play the drums (local and set), I play the piano, and the guitar.
So when is your album coming out?
As soon as you hear it noni. (winks) Seriously though, I am still working with various producers trying to pick the right songs and sound. my album would be out soon. i just want it to be right. I don’t want to rush it.
Any future plans?
Plenty. I am going to be a Grammy award winning musician so I have a lot of work to do. I am a very busy man until I win my first Grammy.