Hi everyone,

This isn’t a short story that I concocted in my mind or a poem I had to wait eighteen weeks to get inspiration to write. This is a short recap of history, and how it has affected me. I hope you enjoy this write up. Most importantly I hope you get a glimpse of the AMAKA IGWE I knew….

Lets see…I remember I was eight years old when I met Amaka Igwe with my mum in Ikeja and she offered me my first role in FUJI HOUSE OF COMMOTION. Sadly,  I couldn’t take it because I had to go to school in September.

She said to me that day ” Dami you can be the greatest actress if you work at it. Let me give you an assignment, write a letter and submit it to me stating why you want to act.”

I wrote the letter and she marked it. She asked met to go to school and then come back to her whenever I am free. I couldn’t go back because school took all of my time.

Seven years later, I was in my first year in university studying dramatic arts when I attended BOB TV.

My mother said to me in very clear terms ” You better go and learn from Amaka Igwe. Don’t let me say it again before you register for BOB TV.” if you are Yoruba, you would understand that when your parents say- Dont let me say it again, the next action after that would be hazardous to your well being if you fail to comply..

I bought my ticket and I was on the next flight to Abuja.

(I met Joke Silva at the airport on my way to Abuja and she literally adopted me. I stayed in her hotel, I ate her food, I learnt from her and she spoke to me about life.)

So, I met Amaka Igwe again at BOB TV, and she just took me in….no questions asked. I remember it was from her I heard this advice that I have constantly used- See no evil, hear no evil.  To be honest I eavesdropped on her conversation with aunty Joke….what was I supposed to do? I was the only child in the room with two veterans, and no TV to watch so I watched and listened to them instead…lol.

Anyway, fast forward to May 2nd when my brother told me Amaka had passed away. I was numb for two seconds.

See, the thing is Amaka Igwe and I were not close but she was the first filmmaker to offer me a major role, she was the first person to inspire me to improve my skills as an actor, she was the first senior colleague who seemed interested in me. So, Amaka Igwe was my first in so many ways in the movie industry.

You know what they say about your first anything whether it is love, international trip or never forget.


The Amaka Igwe I knew was a medium and an inspiration. I respected her even though she sometimes scared me. However, each  time I saw her, I would remember her words and her kind actions towards saddens me that the industry has not paid enough respect to this icon.

The Amaka Igwe I knew pushed me to believe in the movie industry. The Amaka I knew challenged me to think without a box.


This poem is for you..


Sit still…the dream is playing out like a film

Don’t panic the story teller would be here soon

Learn while you can…she may leave soon

Hurry, time is a thief

Do it all like she did…even bigger and better than she did…

Do more like she wanted

Sit still…the dream is playing out like a film

FOR: Amaka Igwe





Hi everyone,

Here are the names of the actors who made it to the next stage. You are all fantastic actors but the decision was made by the judges who know what they are looking for precisely.

For those who made the list- I look forward to working with you. For those who didn’t- I hope we can work together real soon.


Hadiza Yadoo

Bukky Thomas

Eric Obinna

Preye Odibo

Austine Onuoha

Jennifer Igbinuouia

Racheal Isaac

Gbenga Temitope

Vafa Anyawinegu

Bola Edwards

Femi Durojaiye

Eden Attai

Deji Akinpelu

Victor Akuma

Folasde Abimbola

Micheal Akan

Micheal Ofoegbu