24…now what?

Over a glass of wine, I am chatting with my dad. I am discussing everything with him…life, knowledge, career,love, politics, God and everything in between.

I am going to share some parts of this conversation with you guys, it may be disjointed. Forgive me.

Till I turned 24, I never felt the need to re examine every word I speak, step I make and the people I associate myself with.to me life has always played tennis with me. sometimes I score, sometimes it scores. However, turning 24 has made me realize perhaps it is time to play a different game with life.

I am broadening my mind, absorbing pain and joy, observing people and taking almost every opportunity that I am given or the ones I snatch.

Honestly, I always thought at this age I would be married with at least two children. I daresay I am glad it hasn’t happened because there is still so much I am learning about myself that it would be unfair to train children when l am still training myself.

The marriage part should be covered by 2015 because I am now psychologically ready to share my bed space and cutlery with another being that is not family. I am going to marry the first guy that pops the question after I publish this article. Please treat that last statement has a joke. Abeg o, my manager would kill me.

The children will come later or maybe sooner pending on how desperate my mother-in-law is….lol.

The Nigerian situation in my estimation will eventually get better. When we hit rock bottom, I presume we would find our way back up. otherwise,we better start sucking up to the British government because at this rate, colonization may just be the only saviour we have at this point.

In many ways,Nigeria and I share traits, it just happens that I know my weaknesses and strengths and I TRY to manage them .

Nigeria on the other hand is too blind to see that it made a mistake assuming that it  was  strong enough to outshine its weaknesses so it claimed independence. You see, knowing your weakness and managing it is perhaps the strongest gift you can give yourself.

Is there God? Yes, there is a God. however, I am learning to see that My God may not be other peoples’ God. as long as you don’t try to force your God on me or disrespect my God, we are fine.

Knowledge is power…cliché but true. if you don’t seek to know, you may end up being the fool. I am opening my mind to a lot of information. whether or not, the information affects my core is another business entirely.

Career may work or not work but I must try. Meanwhile, I must also feed and clothe myself. The castles came crumbling down is not my story but it is reality.

N.B. These reflections are over a glass of unfinished wine with my father