Let’s fix another appointment…

Hi everyone,

So a press meeting I was supposed to have for my new web series got postponed. A friend had booked cupcakes from chef Tolu Eros (a celebrity chef…)for those coming and I was pretty excited.

Anyhow the meeting got postponed. I was left to wolf down 12 cupcakes… Which was not a difficult job. Lol.

However, the reason I am telling this story is to remind us that life would always try to postpone or cancel an appointment with us. It is now left to you to not let it!

I am not letting them postpone me…you shouldn’t let anyone postpone you!




P.S. The cup cakes were dope



Hi everyone,

So over night I found out quite painfully  I might add that once you don’t dust your room, what you get is a dusty night filled with sneezing and constant tossing.

Isn’t it funny how this rule applies to our lives….once you don’t take care of your talent, what you get is rustiness…once you don’t take care of your body, what you get is sickness…and so on.

Trust me, I am dusting and blogging at the same time right now…lol

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DAMILARE aka parole spoiler

Hi guys,

On our way back from work,  my friend and I decide to take a bus from Ikeja, so we are walking down to the garage and a car almost runs her down.

Hmmm…one thing leads to the other and we are in the guys car (yes, it was a guy…what did you expect …no sane babe would almost run into another woman’s car)..let me tell you something about my friend… She is the life of the party! She is almost too friendly. It is one of the traits I absolutely LOVE about her. It also drives me nuts…. She makes it very easy for me to be  quiet and have fun  watching guys literally fall over themselves to chat with her.

Anyhow, this night we are in the car with strangers and I am praying in tongues…skabashing like a crazy woman whose husband is a woman wrapper.

At the end of the journey, I am hurling her out of the car, thanking God we were not kidnapped or turned into tubers of yam. She looks at me with fire in her eyes and says- Babe you spoil my parole o…

I am wondering… What good parole can come out of getting lifts from strangers?


Skabashing- slang for speaking in tongues
Parole- romantic intentions