Hi guys,

Please read a little letter I shared with bloggers for the forth coming episode of my web series.


Dear Sir/Ma,

This  episode means a lot to me. Well, every episode is personal but this one is special.

I remember reading about this incident and discussing it with friends. Unemployment is a demon we fight everyday as a nation. 
I know some of us believe we can create our destinies and change our fate. What about people who really don’t have enough knowledge and power to do this? People who can’t create jobs for themselves. People who leave school hoping their acquired knowledge  will amount to some value in the society.

I stay on the mainland, in a place called igando. Everyday I see people struggle to make ends meet. They place bets,  apply for vacancies that the salaries amount to nothing etc. I see poverty first hand in my area.

This is why I chose to write the series.

I get a lot of questions on the therapist and her aggression.

I almost want to ask people if they are not aware that 75 percent of Nigerians are angry including doctors.

It really isn’t their fault. Traffic, relationships, money, lack of exposure and many other factors make them so mad.

So why shouldn’t the therapist be angry?

Why shouldn’t the patients be angry?

Isn’t art a reflection of the society?

I am not going to write like Shonda Rhimes or Wachowskis siblings because my environment and truth is not their truth. I don’t have an Olivia Pope or a Sci-Fi situation in my environment… Unless witchcraft can be put under Sci-Fi genre.

I understand that some of these truths may be uncomfortable. This is why I have hidden under the beautiful umbrella of comedy.

So, to cut the long essay short. This episode is personal to me.

Thank you for helping tell my truth every week.
God bless you.

Damilare Kuku.