He tugged at her nipples like it was his last supper. She smiled into the darkness knowing he was too engrossed to notice she had laced his head with Voodoo..

Two Months Earlier…

Annabelle knew her singles day were over the moment he walked over. He was not too tall but he  was tall enough. He walked with a swag that made him look like he was slightly limping. His strong cheek bones and pink lips made her feel weak in the knees.

“Lawd…his mouth would definitely be useful even  if he is not  packing” She thought as she  pretended to be reading the error filled documents her secretary submitted to her. Silently, she reminded herself to fire the imp when she arrived back at her office.

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?” His words interrupted her thoughts.

She heard him but wanted him to speak again. The rich baritone of his voice caressed her skin like her new bath gel did every morning thisdays.

“Miss, is this seat taken?” He asked again this time with a silent chuckle dancing around his tone.

“Oya Anabelle, pretend like you are dazed, then flutter your lashes but don’t over do it o, lest you look like a choking peacock”  her inner voice advised her

“No, it is not but I need the space” she replied… Did her voice have a sharp edge to it? she hoped not.

“Please I need to sit near you. I fear if I sit anywhere else, I may lose the opportunity to talk with you. Every guy here has been oogling you for the past hour. Please…”He pleaded his deep brown eyes..

“Look at his teeth  o, I swear this man is not human” her inner voice crooned.

“Ok, you can sit” She said  to him and that was how it began….

Two hours later…

“shhhhh…you are screaming abi! Are you the first to have a quickie in the toilet with a stranger?” Her inner voice screamed in her head

“My name is Sola by the way ” he said iinto her right ear as he sunk  deeper into her heat. His lips traced down her collar bone to the aisle between her breasts before it began feasting on her left breast.

He suckled her through her shirt and left a wet patch. He moved to the right breast and paid homage.

Meanwhile his  fingers teased her other lips while  he held her firm against the wall with his other hand.

On the other side of the wall three individuals were waiting for Anabelle. she had asked to be excused to visit the convenience twenty minutes ago….

To be continued…