OLAJUMOKEISM – The concept of picking a lucky Lazarus…

I remember waking up to the news of Olajumoke on Instagram and getting really excited.  Ty Bello had found a bread seller who was in a picture with Tinie Tempah and photographed her. Over the weeks, she became a star and she was made the face of Payporte and other brands.

Driving past one of the billboards in Maryland, I smiled to myself thinking “this one has broken free from the proletariat in the society.” The rich has once again gone on a lottery journey and singled out a lucky winner who just happens to be a bread seller or should I say former bread seller?
Many people commented on Ty Bello’s Instagram page. One person even went as far as praying for her children, saying “they are settled for life”

Let us go over the facts again…

So, TY Bello who represents the bourgeoisie in the society goes on the once in a very blue moon hunt for a proletariat that we can all identify with, makes her a star and she is suddenly applauded?

Gratitude, sentimentality and ignorance are few of the factors that stagnate this country.

We are given crumbs at the rich man’s table and the lucky Lazarus is applauded and seen as a symbol of hope for the rest of the pack still waiting for the next crumb to drop from the table.

Don’t get me wrong. I am glad she is no longer part of the people waiting for the remnants. One mouth has been fed, the portion she would usually take will be given to the other hungry bread seller who is sitting patiently near Kabiru the akara seller on the floor.

Hopefully in the next two years she will photobomb another international star probably Ciara and she will be made the face of Jumia. lol

When are we going to learn to stop being grateful for the remnant we get from the rich man’s table?

When are we going to stop applauding the T.Y Bellos who once in a while decide to share part of the ridiculous amount of wealth they have amassed with the people whose labour and taxes helped fuel the pocket of the super wealthy that  pay them?

When are we going to stop hiding under the umbrella of bandwagonism..(I may have coined that word) to celebrate the rich mans once in a life time kindness?

I will tell you when…


This nation and the human race cannot be changed unless one travels as far back as the time when the Israelites rebelled against Moses their human saviour.

So like the rest of the pack, I say congratulations to Jumoke…

Our latest Lazarus to break free from feeding at the feet of the rich man.

We will be waiting patiently for our next Olajumoke while perusing our social media pages and envying Olajumoke….it is not like we have anything better to do anyway.

Men quickly marry all the bread sellers out there. You may just be marrying the next Olajumoke.

P.S. please feel free to call me names. God forbid I say the truth in a society deeply entrenched in lies and olajumokeism




Liar liar…
Go away
Take the stair
Or walk through the fire
Look left and right
Lest you fight
With the broken kite
That never left your sight

Liar liar
Come closer
Go farther
Draw nearer
Then kneel
To feel
The broken pieces
That your lies cause

Liar liar
Go away…