You  keep brushing against me…
You won’t let me be
Our black, rugged master – road
He lets us ride him, on him and over him
You and I are one of his many concubines
Why are you always on me?
I know I am beautiful
Forget the scars I carry
I know I am regal
Forget the imbalanced nature of my walk
It’s my madam that won’t let me be balanced
Stingy Woman
Common wheel balancing…

So tell me…
What is your issue?
Why do you think we are in the same category
You three legged
Open door
Yellow looking, over bleached napep
I am small
But I am mighty
Can you say the same?

Please be careful
Do not brush against me again
You and I no dey the same category….

Dear keke napep,
Please respect me
Yours truly,
A fine Micra.