I almost forgot the pain of a cracked flesh

The borrowed hinges of trust

I almost forgot 

So I let my guard down


And the enemy came and preyed 

Now I say a prayer

To forget

So I can roam freely in my thoughts
I almost forgot

That I felt bitter

When the litter of my chest

Was spread like the broken China in the sun

Now I look for laughter

In silence

I search for chuckles
I almost forgot

That in the early hours of the year

I fell for the wrong bells

And I wept like an hungry baby

I almost forgot
I almost forgot

That this world is not the oyster

The  plastic smile pasted on the shaved face.

I almost forgot

I could break

Till I almost broke

I almost forgot
Never again will I forget

Like the tattoo I long to have…I shall painfully etch it.

I almost forgot…but never again..