Hi Guys,

This is a monthly instachat I am starting, it will run at the last week of each month…it is basically a self awareness run on the gram. That means you have to keep up with me and at the end of the month…I will give 5k to a lucky winner. All you have to do is state who you think I am and what I do based on that month’s activities. Leave your comments below and whoever says the most insightful thing gets 5k. Btw, since I can’t afford to run a charity organization yet, this is one of the many ways I plan to help people.I already feed about 100 less privileged children every year so this is for those I may never get to meet but need that extra 5k.

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This night

I dream

A dream of revelations

This night

I see

The disguised metaphor

This night

I feel it

The cheat and the lie

This night

I let it go

The two faced liar

That I call mine

This night

I prepare

To mix with wolves

This night

I turn

And I don’t return

This night…



I have lived a good life.

I have loved

I have been loved

In between that, I have hated

I have been hated

I have seen the oceans part

And the humility that love brings even to the proud

I have touched the carnal fabric of hidden cas

I have cried, laughed, and laughed

I have lived a good life

But with you, I may just live an extraordinary life…just maybe



It’s not because I can say it

It’s not because I can act it

It’s not because I can write it

It’s because I feel it

Your hands supporting my rickety walk

Your voice filling my head with strength

Your eyes and words saying go on

The silent strength of your prayer

Ebami kira fun mama mi…

Orisa bi iya ko si laye…



I look for a pen

I see a pencil

I look for a longer moment

I see a short period

I look for laughter

I see a smile

I look for understanding

I see vagueness

I am not looking anymore

Lest I see the naked madman

Dancing to the music I know belongs to the sane….