“Shut up” she screamed into the darkness.

The devil laughed. She kept screaming. She knew he would come for her. She had known this from the first day she felt his lips.

She was immobile and shocked.

“Oh my God! Someone is kissing me” She thought..frantically she started singing her favourite song in her head while the kisser feasted upon her like she was his last supper.

From then on, she learnt the hard way that the body is the tool to get men and women alike.
So she struck a deal with her soul.

“I won’t let anyone touch you. They can nibble, bite, suck or whatever on my flesh. But you dearest soul shall remain pure” she promised.

“So you think because your soul is pure that you are untouchable. You have become a target from the day you let your lips touch mine.”He mocked her to scorn.

She stubbornly chose to remain unconscious, she knew her waking up would literally awaken the devil himself. 

“Sleep all you want but when you awaken. I will be here.” The devil mocked.

“Shut up!” She screamed into the darkness again